Engaging Young Minds

There’s nothing better than hearing a child say, “Again!” after you finish reading a book to them or with them. That is why I write stories for children. Reading aloud to a child or teaching them to read for themselves, is one of the best ways you can spend your time.

My goal with my books is to introduce kids to non-fiction topics, but wrap them up in entertaining fiction.

There is also a little something extra in each of my books, to really draw young readers into the story.

“Children cannot bounce off the walls if we take away the walls.”Erin Kenny

I love this quote from Kenny, who has developed programs to connect children with nature for over two decades, because I read it as both physical walls and mental walls. A child’s imagination has no boundaries and books are a way for them to explore.

I’ve been a writer for my entire professional career, but mostly in the public relations, marketing and non-profit industries. Many years ago, I was introduced to the realm of children’s stories and was hooked. I went from promoting others’ ideas and products to creating whole new worlds and characters, with no rules to follow.