Collect and Connect with Nature

rock collection

Rock Walk Activity for Young Kids

Turn you next nature walk into a color-sorting activity! Whether your kids are into rocks or simply the outdoors, they’ll love collecting items and connecting with nature. Paint the individual wells inside an egg carton with colors found in nature and when you go on a walk or a hike, have your little one pick out items that match the colors and place them in the wells. This could be rocks, leaves, twigs, flowers or feathers.



  • Empty egg carton
  • Paint (tempera, acrylic, craft paint)
  • Paint brushes
  • Stickers


rock collection
Art courtesy of my 3 year old
  1. Mix paint colors: Choose paint colors that can be found in nature. Shades of brown, grays, greens and more are great. If it’s fall, throw in some reds, oranges and yellows. Spring? Try purples, yellows and blues.
  2. Paint a different color inside of each well.
  3. Turn the container over to your little one and let them decorate the outside with their favorite stickers, paint, crayons, etc.

Want to see this activity in action? Check out this video.