Countdown to Kickstarter!

May 24, 2018
Less than one month until my Kickstarter campaign begins! I will have 30 days to raise $7,000 to help me publish my children’s picture book, Scavenger Scout: Rock Hound. It’s a daunting task considering this book has lived in my mind for so long and not many people know about it. My biggest challenge will be getting the word out. The more eye balls on the campaign, the better chance that someone will fall in love with Scout and her story. I’ve spent years helping others promote their products and this is the first time I’m promoting one of my own. It’s a bit surreal, but exciting too!

The money raised will go towards paying the illustrator (the fabulous Yana Popova of Yappy Arts Illustration) and the book designer (Big Ape Design) as well as printing the first edition of the book.

I have some lovely premiums ready to go for all donation levels: Besides first edition, hard cover copies of the book, backers can also select from activity books that convert into place mats, Scavenger Scout stickers, a custom cartoon drawn by the illustrator, lesson plans for educators (or parents who want to lead a discussion after reading the book). The list goes on and on!

Sneak preview: There is only one available, but if you donate $500 to my campaign, you will get to name the sunken ship that is in one of the scenes! Name it after your grandson, your cat, your favorite TV character! (Author approval required)