Book Update: Scavenger Scout Comes to Life

It’s one thing to envision a character in a book as you are writing their story. It’s quite another thing to meet them “in person.” I am so excited to work with Yappy Arts, an extremely talented illustrator based in London. She just gets it, you know? I gave her some guidance on the main character, but I purposely did not give her any guidance on the look of the supporting characters. I wanted the supporting characters to be entirely her vision because I feel it’s the illustrator’s job to bring the words to life. She nailed each of the main characters. I loved hearing her thought process and how she translated the words on the page into characteristics.

Below are the concept illustrations for each of the supporting characters. Which alien do you prefer?

alien book character
Concepts for Alien character

book character mermaid
Mermaid concepts

book character dragon
Dragon concept